Child killed by the blast of weapon remnants of unknown source in Idlib governorate on November 4

A displaced child from Talmennes village in the eastern suburbs of Idlib governorate, named as Muta’a Abdullah Muhammad Eid al Awad, was killed on November 4, 2021, when munitions left over from previous bombing of unknown source exploded in Ma’arat al Shellef village while he was playing with it.

Such munitions continue to constitute a real long-term threat to the people of Syria. SNHR has issued a number of reports on cluster munitions and the dangers posed by the remnants of these and other weapons, in which we urged the provision of special equipment to help civilians in removing these explosive remnants.

SNHR has also documented the Syrian regime’s use of anti-personnel mines which will continue to constitute a grave threat to residents of these areas, particularly children, for many years to come. We have documented hundreds of injuries caused by the explosion of remnants of cluster munitions, and the international community must intervene to protect civilians in Syria from these ongoing killing operations.