Attack on a SCD center in W. Hama on June 19, caused the deaths of a SCD member and put the center out of service

On June 19, 2021, the Civil Defense center in Qastoun village in the western suburbs of Hama governorate was subjected to an attack by several shells whose origin hasn’t been identified as of this writing, with the primary parties suspected of responsibility for the attack being the Russian and Syrian regime forces, with the shelling emanating from an area controlled by them. The investigation process is still underway to identify the party responsible for the shelling.
The shelling caused the death of a Civil Defense rescue worker, named as Dahham Abdul Ghani al Hussein, from Deqmaq village in west of the governorate, and the injury of three other Civil Defence rescue workers in addition to inflicting huge damage on the center’s structure and damaging two of the vehicles belonging to the Civil Defence (one fire trucks and one service car). As a result, the center has been put out of service. SNHR confirms that the center is located in an area far from any residential areas and free of any military equipment or presence.

Exclusive photo for SNHR shows the Civil Defense center after it was attacked.

Photo of Dahham al Hussein, a Civil Defense member, who was killed in the attack on the center.

Photo showing the three Civil Defense members who were injured in the attack on the center.