Civilians killed by a blast of unknown cause and origin in an area of cattle pasture in Aleppo governorate on March 15

Ramez al Mustafa, Saeed al Mashhadani, and Eisa al Eleiwi, aged 47, 38 and 32 respectively, were killed on March 15 by a blast of so-far unknown cause and origin in an area used for cattle pasture, known as Mahatet al Abqar, located to the southwest of Maskana town in the eastern suburbs of Aleppo governorate which is controlled by Syrian regime forces. SNHR is still trying to contact witnesses and survivors to obtain more details of the incident.
SNHR condemns all attacks of this nature which target and kill civilians and calls on the controlling forces in each area to bear responsibility for protecting civilians in the areas under their control, and to conduct investigations into all such incidents and reveal their findings to the public. Stability will not be achieved in Syria without achieving a political transition towards democracy implemented according to a strict timetable.