Strike by two schools in al Yarmouk and Mazra’et Maysaloun villages over SDF’s conscription campaigns against teachers

Teachers at the Mazra’et Maysaloun Primary School and al Yarmouk Primary and Secondary School, in al Yarmouk and Mazra’et Maysaloun villages in the northern suburbs of Raqqa governorate, announced on March 3, 2021 that studies at the two schools would be suspended and both would be closed in protest over the forced conscription campaigns carried out by Syrian Democratic Forces against teachers in the two villages.

SNHR notes that at least 61 teachers have been arrested/ detained over using a curriculum that deviates from the one imposed by the SDF and forcibly conscripted by the SDF since the start of 2021.  Also, approximately 550 teachers have been subjected to persecution and arbitrary dismissal from their teaching jobs over their refusal of conscription by the group in the governorates of Raqqa, Deir Ez-Zour and Hasaka.