Civilian’s body discovered in al Khoushiya village in Hasaka suburbs on February 11

The body of Abbas Khader al Jum’ah, from Tal Tawil village in the northwestern suburbs of Hasaka governorate, was discovered by local families on February 11, 2021, bearing signs of stab wounds inflicted by a sharp implement, in al Koushiya village in the south of Hasaka governorate, after he went missing on February 8, 2021, on the road linking al Shaddadi city and Markada town in the south of the governorate.
Although the SNHR has so far been unable to identify the party responsible for the killings, the area is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces. Despite the controlling forces bearing responsibility for revealing the perpetrator’s identity, they have not launched any investigation, which increases the suspicion of their involvement in the killing.