SDF killed a child and an elderly man in Kimar village in Aleppo suburbs on November 27

On November 27, Syrian Democratic Forces personnel infiltrated agricultural land around Kimar village which is administratively part of Afrin city in the northern suburbs of Aleppo governorate, a front line between areas controlled by SDF and by the Syrian National Army, and shot dead two civilians –  a child, Hammou Jankiz Najjar, born in 2006, and an elderly man, 65-year-old Abdul Rahman Eisa Hammou – while they were working on farmland there. The SDF personnel reportedly first detained and tortured the child before killing him, with other agricultural workers managing to flee before they could be captured. SNHR is still trying to contact witnesses and survivors to obtain more details of the incident.
We note that the SDF has committed a violation of international humanitarian law through this indiscriminate killing, for which the perpetrator must be held accountable.