Photos of detainees were recently released by Syrian regime where the signs of torture and the lack of health care are clear. SNHR launch a distress call to reveal the fate of approx. 140,000 detainees and forcibly disappeared persons, November 4

Photos shared online show detainees who were released on November 4, 2020 by the Syrian regime as it released about 62 detainees, all from Daraa governorate, among them 22 individuals who had defected from the Syrian regime forces earlier, from the regime detention centers in Damascus governorate, this release is as part of a special presidential pardon in the context of reconciliation agreements carried out by the regime in Daraa governorate, following  the assassination of the prominent military leader, Adham al Kard

The Syrian regime gathered the detainees in a building in Daraa governorate before their release. According to the families, relatives and friends of the released persons, and according to what we have registered in our database, the detainees spent an average period of one to two years in the regime detention centers in extremely poor conditions in terms of torture practices, the lack of health and medical care, severe overcrowding of detention centers.  The detainees were arrested without clarification of the reasons behind their arrests and without any arrest warrants. the photos show the poor health situation of those released persons, and we believe that the conditions of detainees who have been missing for many years may reach 8 or 9 years are much worse if they survive. The Syrian Network for Human Rights indicate that approximately 140,000 people are still detained and forcibly disappeared in the regime detention centers, and we have a serious fear for their lives, health and dignity, and we launch a distress call again to reveal their fate.