Syrian regime transforms a school of Ma’aret al Numan city in Idlib suburbs to a military headquarter on the International Day for the Protection of Education from Attacks

Syrian regime forces seized control over Abdul Fattah Qazziz School in Ma’aret al Numan city in the southern suburbs of Idlib governorate, to use it as a training center while they were looting the school’s contents including its cladding materials. This attack by the military system (security breaches and the army) on the educational facilities of the Syrian state is a systematic strategy carried out with orders of the head of the Syrian regime. Despite this attack, no minister of Education has criticized this barbaric practice against schools and educational facilities while the People Council doesn’t condemn the violations carried out by the military institution against Syrian citizens. All of above confirms that all ministries and the People Council is merely nothing but an interface that implements what the Syrian regime and its security apparatus demands, as they control all the bodies of the Syrian state and considers the regime own that achieve their interests.
SNHR has documented that the Syrian regime forces have converted dozens of schools into military headquarters and looted the contents of these schools in a barbaric manner, which have become a major threat and danger to the education system and its facilities. UNICEF must issue and an alarming warning over the educational situation in Syrian schools an urgent condemnation against the violation carried out by the Syrian regime forces specially that it is considered as a central force and follows a strict hierarchy system.
Russia must stop protecting the Syrian regime in the UN Security Council and in the international community, as the Syrian state is turning into a failed state in light of its rule.

Photo shared online on September 10, 2020, shows members and vehicles of the Syrian regime forces in Abdul Aziz Qazziz School