Call for urgent response to provide IDPs camps with heat insulation materials amid the heatwave there

Syria has been suffering from a severe rise in temperatures for two days, reaching 43 Celsius (109 Fahrenheit). SNHR notes that this is having a devastating effect on the already poor living conditions afflicting internally displaced people, particularly the residents of camps and of other random campsites established by the displaced amid the lack of any heat-insulating materials, and we have received reports confirming that dozens of people, mostly children, have suffered from heatstroke symptoms.

SNHR calls on international relief organizations, including the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, to respond immediately to protect people from the effects of this heatwave and to provide the greatest possible amount of heat insulation materials and iced water.

Photo taken on September 3, 2020 shows members of the Civil Defense while they were spraying IDPs’ tents with water in the western suburbs of Aleppo governorate trying to reduce the heat for the displaced people living in them.