Bodies of two children found in Aleppo city on July 20

On July 20, 2020, locals discovered the bodies of two murdered children abandoned beside the railway track near al-Razi Bridge in Aleppo city, according to reports from pro-Syrian regime media. The children killer or killers of the children are so far unidentified. SNHR is still trying to discover the identities of the children and of the killers. 

We note that we have seen a rise in the levels of killings in the last three months in some of the areas controlled by Syrian regime forces resulting from the widespread breakdown of families and wider society, which is itself a direct result of the displacement of millions of Syrians, the arrest and disappearance of tens of thousands more, and the massive deterioration of the economic situation.

SNHR condemns all killings which target civilians and calls on the governing forces in each area to bear responsibility for protecting civilians in the areas under their control, and to conduct investigations and reveal their findings to the public. Stability will not be achieved in Syria without achieving a political transition towards democracy and the rule of law, implemented according to a strict timetable.