The Independent International Commission of Inquiry (COI) outright condemnation of Russian forces war crimes in Idlib

Today, a COI special report, that was in the works for almost a year, investigating violations committed in Idlib governorate and the surrounding areas.
The report unequivocally condemned the Russian forces and the Syrian regime war crimes and bombing of civilian vital facilities. The report investigated 52 incidents including 17 medical facilities, 14 schools, and 9 markets, the report also accused the Syrian Regime and Russia of committing crimes against humanity by forced-displacement of civilians due to bombings and killings that resulted from it, the report also documented the various violations of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, most notably looting, robbery, and assaulting media activists.
The Syrian Network for Human Rights participated in the report by sharing the data we’ve documented on the incidents, and we fully support the work of the Commission and the recommendations in the report.

For further details, see full report at this link: