Condemnation of the attack against the Women Support & Empowerment Center in Idlib City, & the instigation against its workers, & call for revealing the individuals involved & holding them accountable

Mrs. Huda Khayti, the head of the Women Support and Empowerment Center in Idlib City, has been subjected to instigation and hate speech campaign on social media by unknown account, but seems to be an organized and planned campaign targeting the head of the center personally, as they published personal information to inflict as much psychological damage as possible, and maybe a preamble to a physical assault, the campaign has been ongoing since April 19, 2020.
According to the violations documentation database at the Syrian Network for Human Rights, the Women Support and Empowerment Center in Idlib City was targeted on February 22, 2020, as their headquarters was burnt, the fire damaged the center’s furniture and a number of rooms, and the civil defense teams managed to contain the fire before it engulfed the whole center, the center was also subjected to theft of money before the burning, in both cases the perpetrators were not pursued or their identities revealed to be held accountable.
The Syrian Network for Human Rights documented several actions of assaulting and restricting the centers that support women in many areas, as they were targeted directly due to their effective involvement in the social and humanitarian work. The Syrian Network for Human Rights condemns this instigation against the head of the Women Support and Empowerment Center, which aims to distort and dismantle the center’s work, and call for respect of the civil work rights and defending it, and the importance of revealing the perpetrators and holding them accountable, there must also be a complete commitment to the rules of the International Human Rights Law, and respect and implement the law is the most important responsibility of the powers in control.