Syrian regime forces, militias attack protesters in al Suwayda city on June 15

This video still image posted online shows Syrian regime law enforcement personnel and pro-regime militias in civilian dress (more commonly known as shabiha) attacking protesters in al Suwayda city on June 15 in response to an anti-regime protest in al Seir Square in the city center. SNHR observed several acts of violence committed by law enforcement forces against protesters the same day, documenting the beating and arrest of nine civilians.

We note that the city has been witnessing peaceful protests since June 7, against the high cost of living and deterioration of the economic situation. The protesters also called for the release of detainees and the fall of the regime. SNHR supports the popular demands for fundamental human rights like freedom of speech and the release of unjustly imprisoned detainees, and calls for the Syrian regime to be held responsible for the catastrophic failure of the Syrian state under the regime’s disastrous leadership of the country, which has caused the displacement of 13 million Syrians, the devastation of Syrian neighborhoods and entire towns and cities, the killing and ‘disappearance’ of at least hundreds of thousands of Syrians, and the deterioration of the Syrian economy which is hurtling towards collapse. 


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