Photo of detainee released by Syrian regime forces shows signs of torture

Mahmoud al Sarhan, a conscript who defected from the Syrian regime’s forces, is originally from al Joulan town in Quneitra governorate and currently lives in the Daraa Camp for Palestinian Refugees in Daraa city. He was arrested by members of Military Security forces affiliated with Syrian regime forces on June 12, 2020, while he was passing through a checkpoint near the national hospital in al Sahari neighborhood in Daraa city, subsequently being released the next day. Marks showing severe torture can be seen on his body in the image shown which was taken after his release. 

SNHR confirms that all detainees in the regime’s detention facilities are subjected to one or more potentially lethal kinds of torture which could cause the detainee’s death and we have fear of 130,000 Syrian citizens who are still detained or forcibly disappeared in the regime’s detention centers as documented by SNHR.