Dissident officer died due to torture in Syrian regime forces detention center, June 11

Ayatullah Hussein Omar al Houshan, is a dissident non-commissioned officer from Syrian regime forces from Mahaja town in the northern suburbs of Daraa governorate. He was arrested by Syrian regime forces in 2019 although he agreed on a settlement. On June 11, 2020, his family was informed that he is registered as dead in the Civil Registry. SNHR suggests that he had died due to torture in Seydnaya Military Prison of Syrian regime in Damascus suburbs governorate.

SNHR has received confirmation that Syrian regime forces didn’t hand over his body to his family; this is standard practice for the regime with the majority of detainees who die in its detention centers, whose bodies are disposed of through mass cremations. Since the whereabouts of these prisoners’ remains is unknown and they are not handed over to their relatives, they continue to be classified among the forcibly disappeared persons.