Syrian- Russian bombing resulted in a new displacement of residents of Jabal al Zaweya district in Idlib region

Syrian- Russian alliance forces bombed the Jabal al Zaweya district in the southern suburbs of Idlib governorate on June 8 and 9, 2020, forcing a number of families to flee for their lives and increasing the numbers of displaced people. This photo shows a number of IDPs heading from Idlib southern suburbs to safer areas in far north of Syria.

SNHR notes that these IDPs had returned to their homes just a short time before as a result of the ceasefire agreement which came into force on March 6, 2020.

We condemn the bombardment carried out by the Syrian- Russian alliance which targets residential areas and fails to distinguish between civilian and military objects, resulting in the destruction of homes and the forcible displacement of their residents. 

The international community must offer immediate protection to IDPs and end the causes of any further displacement, as well as taking effective steps to guarantee their return by accelerating the political transition process according to a strict timetable which must not exceed six months.