An infant died due to scorpion sting in a random camp in Idlib, on May 27

The infant Hour Muhammad Jamal al Salehah, displaced from Ma’aret al Numan city in the southern suburbs of Idlib governorate, died on May 27, 2020, when a scorpion stung her in a random IDPs camp in Deir Hassan area in the northern suburbs of Idlib governorate.

The wide displacement which aims to empty cities of their inhabitants like Ma’aret al Numan, Saraqeb and many other cities due to violence used by Syrian regime forces and allies, resulting in the spread of many random and separating camps which consist of group of tents without wall protecting them which then called camps which exposes the residents of camp specially children to many risks including the bites of poisonous animals.

The SNHR calls the international relief organizations to increase the amount of aids provided to the displaced Syrians and work to reorganize the random camps, and provide the camp administration with equipment to protect them against the bites of these animals, and an appropriate amount of medicines.