Citizens overcrowd in a football stadium in Idlib shows the lack of awareness & social commitment towards the risk of COVID-19 pandemic

An image spread on internet show a football stadium where civilians overcrowd. We were able to identify site and the data shown in the image which is in the stadium of Hazanou village in the northern suburbs of Idlib governorate, and it was taken on May 1, 2020, during a football. This opposes the precautionary measures that should be taken for prevention of COVID-19 pandemic among people.
SNHR confirms that the responsibility for raising awareness and imposing obligation should hold by the local council and the dominant power. The Syrian Islamic council and National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition forces with all their bodies and have to take real action to this regard by spread the notion of “Stay at home”, physical and social isolation, issuing advisory and awareness-raising brochures and following up the implementation to ensure the safety of society’s members from the risk of infection and death.