Image of a detainee has been recently released by Syrian regime show the negligence of health & medical care which threaten 130,000 remaining detainees

Image of the arrest survivor Samer Rabea al Zahirah, aged 32, from Dablan village which is administratively a part of al Ashara city in the eastern suburbs of Deir Ez-Zour governorate, was arrested in May 2019, by Syrian regime forces in a raid on his house after his arrival from Lebanon. Samer agreed on a settlement in a reconciliation committee’s center in Deir Ez-Zour governorate. On April 23, 2020, he was released from Seydnaya Military prison in Damascus suburbs governorate.

The image shows his health and physical situations before his entering to Syrian regime forces’ detention centers and after his departure where the negligence of health and medical care by Syrian regime is clear which threaten the physical and mental health of about 130,000 detainees who are still detained in detention centers as documented by SNHR.

To the left of the image, Samer Rabea al Zahirah before his arrest and enforce disappearance in 2019. To the right of the image, Samer after his release on April 23, 2020.