Overcrowding in Ghwayran Prison controlled by SDF in Hasaka amid of spread of COVID-19 epidemic

A video recorded by a surveillance camera showing the overcrowding of a great number of detainees in cells of Ghwayran Prison located in Hasaka governorate and controlled by Syrian Democratic forces. The video was published on March 30, 2020, after prisoners revolted inside the prison against bad conditions affected them which can be notice clearly in this image. SNHR assure to what has been highlighted earlier in regard with torture methods followed by Syrian Democratic forces in detention centers. They must immediately release the prisoners of conscience, media worker and civil society activists, and those of related categories in addition to categories who are most likely to be infected by COVID-19 as elderly persons.

Amid of serious situation worldwide within the spread of COVID-19 epidemic, SNHR emphasize repeatedly on taking a real action to solve the detainees case by the all parties to the conflict, improve the conditions of detention centers and to give human rights organization a permission to visit them as soon as possible. The authorities control the detention centers are responsible for the health of detainees and improvement of detention’ conditions in particular the overcrowding and lack of hygiene.