A female fighter with the SDF looks afraid and offended after being taken captive by al Majd Brigade in Raqqa, on Oct 24

A selfie photo taken by a member of al Majd Brigade (a faction of the armed opposition participating in the Syrian National Army) shows members of the same brigade surrounding a female fighter of the Syrian Democratic forces after they took her captive in Ein Eisa area in the northern suburbs of Raqqa governorate, on October 24, 2019. The female captive at the photo looks afraid and insulted among smiling fighters. “All persons deprived of liberty must be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the human person” in accordance to (article 3 common to Geneva Conventions 1-4, protocol 2 article 4), customary humanitarian law 87-105. The captive female is the same one who appeared in a previous video where she was taken captive, with this action being against these rules.
It should be noted that the committee established by the Defence Minstry of the Syrian Interim Government to investigate and punish abuses and breaches confirmed the authenticity of the arrest and appealed  to the brigade to protect the captured female soldier and treat her in accordance with the Geneva Conventions. SNHR urges the committee to take further action to stop all violations and hold the perpetrators accountable.