The death of Waddah Sehrij due to torture in Syrian regime detention center, July 9

Waddah Mahmoud Sehrij, from Aleppo city, was arrested on December 16, 2016, by Syrian regime forces from his place between al Kallasa and al Eza’a neighborhoods and tortured to death in their detention centers. On July 9, 2019, his corpse was handed over to his family.

* According to activists, we have previously published that the corpse of the victim Waddah Sehrij was handed over to his family on July 9, 2019. But after follow- up and investigation we found out that the victim is registered as dead in Civil Registry on September 18, 2017, probably due to torture in Syrian regime forces detention center. We also found that he has a bachelor degree at Faculty of Sharia from al Azhar University in Egypt. the news was edited on July 11, 2019.